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Forsaken World Bot and hack Software
As mentioned before bots are essentially software programs that you run on your PC and play Forsaken World for you automatically. Now while this sounds very simple, some very complex software is required to make such automated tasks work. Bots cannot think like humans, they have no way of thinking creatively and coming up with their own solutions, every possibility has to be accounted for in the programming so that the bot does not get stuck. Bots usually are only able to complete very pecific tasks, such as running a specific route and farming all the mobs along it, looting them and maybe selling some of the items according to certain specifications. However, most bots cannot run dungeons, raids or level up skills automatically. While some bots can actually do quests, automatically maxing out a character by using bots alone is almost impossible. The bot has to be reset and reconfigured every few days in order for it not to get stuck. Using this kind of software you can expect to level up your characters and alts pretty quickly without having to actually put in the manual “labor” of farming. You can also use the scripts to simply farm gold coins, eyrda leaves and gold. The in-game auto-routing function makes botting this game a lot easier, but even that function can get stuck, leading to your bot being unable to complete quests and rotations. However, since the auto routing function is included in the game, your bot will seem a lot less suspicious if it should ever get stuck on terrain, since this happens to legit players as well. That is also why Forsaken world can be considered one of the games that is most safe for botting at this time. Another important thing to keep in mind is that tanky classes, such as Protector / Warrior will do a lot better job at farming than squishy classes like the Marksman.

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Forsaken World Hack Cheat Features:

  1. Generate Unlimited Gold Coins
  2. Generate Unlimited Soul Coins
  3. Generate Unlimited Soul Leaf
  4. Generate Unlimited Eyrda Leaf
  5. Available with all mobile devices: android, iOS, windows, mac
  6. Automatic weekly software updates
  7. Fast and quick to use
  8. All security options: automatic proxy connection, anti-ban system, cleaner log script


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